my son has no insurance he has undiagnoised sleep apnea is there any programs to help him

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    Depending on the stae you live in depend on the assistance you can get. I live in California and we have Medi-cal. But If a child has a disability (just about any disability) go right down to the Social Security office and apply for Social Security for your son. This will get your son Medic-aid or even Medi-Medi wich id both here in California. But they will also pay you money monthley and for the rest of his life or untill curred. It is very costley to raise children with disabilities so dont consider it as taking a hand out. Its there to assist parents like you.You should also look into getting an In Home Care Worker through Socisl Services to help you out Your son qualifies for both services Im sure. This will allow you a few hours of peaceful rest while someone sit with him. They will usually allow it to be some one you know

    Also look into places like UC Davis, Loma Linda, UCLA , and places like that that are doinfg studies and have great programs available. If you are having to saty nights in the hospital check into the Ronald McDonalds House, its only $10-$15 a night.

    here are two very helpsul sites

    Then as far as medication goes if he or you take any meds - EVERY perscription company has a patient assistance program. Like:

    My blood pressure medicine is made by Teva Pharmacudical. (just picked a random pill bottle)

    Teva Pharmacudical :Teva Assistance Program (TAP) helps provide life-saving cancer medications to patients who lack insurancecoverage and are unable to afford therapy. Only certain Teva medications are covered under this program. To find out if patients qualify and their medications are covered, ask them to contact TAP toll free at 877.254.1039.

    Some companies you will have to call and ask about thier patient assistant program. The maker of the medication is on the perscription bottle . Google the name and go to the website and search for the Patient Assistancw Program.. Dont worry if you cant find it , find and click on "contact Us"

    and just give them a call

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