Is every issue in the USA settled in court?

    So often we see a question of personal relationships answered with"kick his sorry ass into court"  "Take him to court and send him down" 

    Do people not try to resolve situations by negotiation?

    I notice also it is "him" never "her" are there no bad women in the US? Or do the men not bitch as much?

    I am genuinely curious so please no tirade about individual hurts.

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    Not in our so called "justice" system it is whacked.  It is a sad day when the criminals have more rights than the victims.

    We have mediators but few use them, if you can afford it and actually have a case, hire a lawyer.....

    No. Many other issues are settled with a gun.

    I f we had a system where LOSER PAYS FOR COURT COST,    we would have less suits...Would not need as many lawyers..............{:D

    Alot is settled out of court................In fact most is settled out of court.............

    Digger is correct, now days Smith/Wesson, Ruger, etc. ends the disputes before court dates are ever set.


    Are the peop;e in the US really as gun happy as we are led to believe Dad?

    Yes, even kids thinks it's cool to pack a piece(Gun), even to school.

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