if you just hatched a baby chick, what do you feed it?

    i own chickens and a rooster, and im pretty sure one egg has a chick in it. i am now keeping it nice and warm. i have a few days left. once it hatches, what do i feed it, bread crumbs, peanut butter, cracker crumbs????????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How are your chickens ????

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    Hi Mityky,        check out links,

     ...>All">>...>All Categories>Pets>Birds                           Hope you find out some use full information. Let me know how you get on.


    i tryed both, yahoo i dont understand what to do, and the lionsgrip wont work for this laptop.
    thnx for trying to help.

    Chick feed/mash. You buy it at a livestock store. The same place you should be buying the adult chicken food. Why do you have the egg? Why is the hen not setting it?


    im 11 and im raisin the egg by myself, my parents dont care, is there something like bread or something? the hen abandoned the egg.

    No you can not feed it bread. It needs chicken mash.

    do you know how to make it?

    in an emergency, where you don't have mash, mix up oatmeal with warm water.Don't let it get too thick

    A new born chick can not eat the mcm. When were you ever a farmer? You can not feed that to a chick!!!

    mityky , don't worry about it. That egg will never hatch. You do not know how to care for one. Even if it does hatch, unless you have a warming light and real chicken mash and the correct water pan, the chick will die anyway. You need to give the egg back to the hen. I think you just took the egg and she did not abandon it. You tell me you own the chickens, then say your mom and dad know you took the egg. You are going to kill this chick because you think you want to raise one without knowing how raise one. Go tell your parents what you did.

    Chicken eggs have to be turned and have certain humidity if you are hatching them without a hen.  You also have to show them how to drink. Baby chicks have to be kept warm. If you have no idea what you are doing, your chicks have little chance of survival!


    im keeping the egg on a soft surface and im keeping it warm, i check on it every 15 minutes. i will do anything to let this egg hatch!

    right. They have to be turned 1/4 of a turn every few hours.And , they have to have humidity in their enclosure, adn of course, a light for warmth.

    1/2 half turn every 12 hours, that's it. This makes one full rotation every 24 hours. When the chick starts to peep in the egg, then you will want to use a mister to lightly wet the egg to soften the shell. You do not need to keep the shell constantly wet. Again mcm, when were you a chicken farmer? Do not post when you do not know what you are talking about. I grew up on a farm where we raised chickens and all kinds of livestock.

    you feed the chick mash. Go to a feed store and ask for mash. Then, at home, put warm water in it , stir it a little bit, and serve it to baby chick.


    and when the chick starts to peck out of it's shell, don't help it , or it won't develope right. Let it hatch out by itself.

    You do not mix water in it. You leave it dry, put it down and let the chick peck it to eat it.

    If I hatched a baby chick I would freak out and call the doctor YIKES!!!!

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