Would you, as an offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers, coach a playoff game today if your son died 6 days ago? Why or why not?

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    Oh tough call their but as a coach his job is to make tough calls, personally no, six days is not enough time , i would be devistated and need much more time..

    If my son was a huge fan of the game and team and was proud of me for being an important member of the coaching staff, I think I would go to the game because I would believe that would be what my son would want me to do. But then, I and my sons look at death differently than most. 

    This may not apply to Joe Philbin's son however as he was a criminal and a sexual predator (rapist) so he might not have respected his father much.  He may not have even cared about football. 

    Who would know unless they have "been there"?  I believe that you can't judge how someone else chooses to grieve a loss...some people go about their business and cry at home alone, others drop right out of society for a while.  People have to do what works for them.  I never thought it fair when people criticize others in the middle of their mourning.  I once heard someone say, "Well, so and so never even shed a tear at his funeral", as though it was disgusting. On the other side, "Oh she's really strong....never even cried at the funeral."  What on earth does any of that mean?   Awful.

    Living life is am important way we cope after a loss.... It is a personal choice. We went to a bbq 3 days after my dad died. I was not celebrating my loss, I was living with it. 

    How did his son die??


    He drown. Not sure if it was accidental or as someone said in a comment to the story, maybe one of his victims pushed him in.

    Thanks Colleen.

    No, family is more important than any game.

    A "double-dip"...Football players are required to play even if their wives are giving birth at the time...I am not sure Joe had much of a choice!  Plus it was the Play-Offs.


    He had personal personal choice, he was told he could take as much time as he needed. He chose to go to the game.

    Thanks fot that info. too. Tough game for the Packers..but as I said throughout the game the Giants wanted the win and came prepared...

    @ doolittle: There are skills and there are intangibles in big games. GB Packers was a far more superior team from the standpoint of skills. However, with NY, Eli Manning was the intangible reason.

    It would have been more exciting if both teams had "shown up" and played hard....but that was not what happened. No doubt Manning and the NY defense were very strong.

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