animal husbandry

    I want to know what is animal husbandry?

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    The science of raising animals . From feeding , breeding , to the meat and other products that come from them.

    Animal husbandry is a term which means to care for livestock, providing for their care and management.  This may be extended to include farm management, growing and harvesting their feed, health care, feeding, breeding, marketing and  processing their products , veterinary care, etc. 

    It is part of farming. The care of live stock like, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Chickens,  Horses and Pigs. This involves in feeding ,watering them daily. Keep their living space clean. Taking care of their health. Breeding and birthing the animals, example, helping to deliver baby calf, is called calving. Baby animals must be properly monitored and weaned from their mother. Also getting them ready for market for sale, or slaughter. End product, ends up on your table, for dinner.

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