Why does my toshiba Satellilite l675d crashes when streaming video

    I have tested my theory 5 times. When you boot up but only do word processing its ok. I also use Auto-cad 2011 its ok then rtoo. But 15 min into a netflix video it get really hot and you hear a circu8t breaker definately clicks and all power goes off. I even set it up on blocks to make sure vents were not blocked. My email is I sometimes can't fin d your response so email me please.

    thanks, mike

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    After reading two website forums on your model it is one to steer clear of. Two examples >>

     "This thing is a piece of garbage. The system board went bad within 2 months. Shipped it to Toshiba for repair. They said it would take 10 days at the most to get it back to me. It is now past 21 days and they haven't even started working on it yet. I mean, really? This is what they do at their service depot; fix their crummy, poor quality laptops. How could they not have the part? Where is the part coming from, Japan? Don't waste your money."


    " Less than four months after purchase, my wife opened the laptop one evening and the screen showed a crack in the upper right corner. I sent the laptop to the Toshiba repair depot and they claim she accidently damaged it and they want $325 to repair it. BTW, the entire system only cost $530 brand new. According to Toshiba Customer Relations (and I quote) the "accident was caused by opening the case too hard". I asked how that was even possible. Seriously, how do you open a laptop too hard? Toshiba said (and I quote), "you could have pulled too hard". 

     " whenever I see someone even looking at a Toshiba laptop in Best Buy, HHGreg, WalMart, etc, I will warn them not to even consider Toshiba. Stick with manufacturers who stand behind their products. Toshiba is not one of them".

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