Does anyone have any idea how to explain to me how I would go about hiding my facebook information from 1 or 2 peoples, example, without blocking them completely?

    I have just recently discovered that a particular person is snooping on my facebook page and looking at my activitites, whom I'm chatting with, etc. Very concerning to me.

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    I believe you can put them into a specified "group" and then you can just block that group from certain information that you post.  You can even put this one person in a group of their own

    If it is creeping you out that bad, just unfriend the person and mark your page as "friends only" can read your info on your page ....that way if the person is a friend of a friend they won't even be able to access your info

    Best advice, just unfriend them....then you won't have to worry about it.

    Thanks for the positive rating Colleen! Much appreciated!

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