how can i get a name chang

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    Yes mr. president. If i had the name as you, barrak hussein obama and was not a muslim as i claim not to be, i would feel the same way. Lets see you claim to be half black and half white. Lets give you a new name now. How about a nice good ole fashion american name for you like Latavious Remondo Blue. You should change your childs name also. How about Blue Ivy for first name and Blue would be last name. You have to have a valid birth certificate, not the phony one you presented to the public. The social security administration wont accept it. Go back to Kenya where you are recognized as the birth place by their government  and get the real certificate. When you get that we will discuss your next move.


    So you don't like the celebrity kid's name...Blue Ivy? What about that other celeb kid...Elijah Blue? What's with the color blue? How about Amos Yellow, Noah Green, Franklin Orange?

    I would not name my kid blue ivy. Just like i would not name a girl ruth, hortense. I would not name a boy rufus, latavious, latrick. I guess its a culture thing. I guess the thing is , where i have worked in several prisons across USA, its no wonder these people are in prison. Their mothers give them rough tough names that others would be scared of or want to be gang bangers. The more strange the name ,the more likely to commit crimes and end up in prison.

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