if a man did not work when u got with them and u had a baby is he going to ever get a job

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    So, the two of you got pregnant, he did not have a job, you knew he did not have a job (if you were having sex, I assume, that you at least knew that much about him).  Keep this in mind.  He was irresponsible in allowing a pregnancy (and that doesn't let you off the hook) so what makes you think that he will suddenly change his attitude? Start making a plan to look after yourself and your child and DON'T GET PREGNANT AGAIN.  My guess are on your own.  Good luck and LEARN from this.

    (I just noticed in your other response....kid with an "S".  Are you kidding me?)

    Is he even looking for a Job? If not, then dont count on it.

    No worry, have the baby and apply for Welfare and the people who get up and go to work every day and pay taxes will cover the expenses for the little one.


    no i take care of my kids

    Kids? plural? How sad and irresponsible.

    Love the sarcasm ..... my sentiments exactly.

    No , because 90 % chance he will end up in prison for drugs or theft. Start saving your money. he will be asking you money for his commissary account.  He will be doing about 4 years. yes he will have a job , its called a hoe squad.


    YUP. :)

    Probably not and one would be crazy to keep living with him or having anything to do with him.


    thinks he wants me to do everything and he still want to stay with his mama

    Sorry you need to leave him alone get him out of your life and move on this is going nowhere but worse.

    Oh my - this guy doesn't have too much going for him you deserve more - get hold of yourself - what is going on just seen what Ducka pointed out not just the one and how many daddies are there where is all this going?? - get some help with all this take very good care of yourself and the kids and the very best of luck!!!  

    Do you cross the street without looking too ?????   Or do you look sometimes ??/

    You can usually predict someone's future behavior, based on their past behavior. Why did you have a baby with him  when he wasn't working ?



    And don't have another baby with him ! He's not a good role model for your kids.

    What an incredibly silly question.  Let me ask one of YOU:  How many OTHER women have kids of his that he isn't supporting? 


    The odds are high, I suspect.

    you might have better luck getting the baby a job..




    If you consider being a pimp a form of employment, the answer is definitely "yes".  He appears to have the proper credentials to be one.

    And how long is a piece of string ?

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