our landlord is evicting us because he wants to demolision his house to buid a catering for his restaurant he only gave us 30 by law he was suppose to give us 18 months we now retained an attorney now he says he sold the house but we all know its just going to be givein back so he can demolish it cause he has all the permits, etc to knock it down but still sending letters from his attorney with all other excuses to get us out now is that legal?

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    Are you saying that he needs to give you 18 months notice to get out?  If you heard that from your lawyer, you need a different lawyer!


    Oops...perhaps this question is more complicated than I thought. (I used to be a landlord and some tenants are a pain in the butt and think that they can do whatever they want...I thought this might be one of them.)

    The only reason he would need 18 months notification is if there is a lease that stipulates that. If you have retained a lawyer, why not ask him?

    If your landlord sold the property then he has no say in the matter, only the new owner does, but request proof of sale being closed/finalized and if you had a lease hold on to it they must abide by it.

    It depends.  If your lease has already expired, a 30-day written notice may be sufficient for the Landlord to evict you.  However, if you have a longer term lease and free of any cancellation clause therein, you could take him and even the new owner to court.  Hopefully you didn't sign any estoppel certificate prior to their closing of the sale yet.

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