should children be aloud phones in school and why

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    I think that children should concentrate on learning, not talking on the telephone to their friends.

    They could learn how to start a sentence with a capital letter, they could learn how to spell allowed (not aloud), they could learn when and how to use proper punctuation, such as a question mark at the end of your (above) sentence.  One third of your sentence is incorrect and  that should be a major concern to taxpayers and teachers!!!

    They should not be ALLOWED because they may be too LOUD.

    Personally I think they should be handed in on entry and collected at home time.

    Another idea, why not give lessons on cellphones?

    Students use the advanced technology of electronic devises to cheat. Hey Bro, whats the answer to number 21? Turned off and stored in their locker until classes are done.

    My children have phones to use after school at practice... This way I know when to pick them up... Also the school system does not have a nurse and I want them to call if they are sick. 


    Could they not just go to the office or tell a teacher? Giving all students the right to a phone in their pocket, creates a major distraction in my opinion.

    They keep them in their bags the office and school is locked before. They get out of practice and the teachers don't let them go to the Office When they don't feel well. They take them to the restroom and tell mwe how they feel. I decide if I need to take them home or to the doctor.

    Okay Jenn...unique situation.

    I dont think many schools have nurses anymore. They have been taken out of the school budget.

    Yes but switched off. In todays climate i think they would feel safer knowing help can be a phone call away, especialy if they have to make there own way home

    Cell phones should be allowed TO SCHOOL but not in school.  They should be put away during classes and only to be used after classes so they can stay in touch with parents etc.

    No; a "loud" phone makes too much noise.

    I understand the convenience and connectivity of cell phone, but no, I don't think they belong at school for several reasons.

    t occurred to me this afternoon that I would kind of like to ditch my cell phone and just have a phone at home, with an answering machine.    Just like the olden days!


    Personally i think you would find it easier to ditch the landline, cell phones seem to have become a thing we cannot live without.

    I've had no landline for 5-6 years. I'd rather keep my computer than my cell phone, but it's a close contest.

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