where can i buy a 1962 Eco Stereogram from.

    my dad's stereogram holds 6 records for individual play after each track, it's a dropdown open/shut cupboard with the turntable in side with a speaker on the lefthand side, radio buttons and slider on the right/eluminated on power on then a speaker next to that on the right hand.

    the four legs slant out to 40degrees with some gold metal on each leg with shinny dark brown wood finish.

    this machine is called a Eco Stereogram and paid £85.00 in 1962 of in really good conditions and still working.

    i would like to know how much these Eco Stereograms are worth as i would like to find where i could purchase one for rememberance as a child.

    could you plz tex or call martin;07920513678.

    many thnks.

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    I spent a considerable amount of time with this question four weeks ago but alas without success. If you are registered with eBay you can fill out a search formula with the details and if anything turns up you will be notified per eMail. This, I think, offers the best chance of success. 


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