Does anyone belive in God? And that Jesus gave his Life for us??

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    I absolutely believe in both parts of your question. It is i'm sure one of the most difficult questions ever and i think that thats because there is no tangable evidence to unquestionably prove the answers to question. that is where our faith comes in. Faith, completely unmittagated is such a truely difficult pond to jump into with both feet. I cannot prove to you that to both parts of your question,there is a positive answer with vast beautiful rewards to those who are able to trust in their faith. a true kingdom for all eternity is awaiting all of those with the faith to believe. Also remember it is a wonderful thing that God loves us to ask for help in trusting our faith and as ws pray for more and more faith it gets easier and easier. God bless all!!

    Yes without doubt i believe that christ paid my sin debt in full , when he died on the cross.....

    I do.

    Yes, I believe in God and that Jesus Christ gave his life for me on a cross at Calvary, his death symbolically paying for my sins. I also believe in the Holy Spirit.  How it all works is beyond me, as I am a human and not capable of comprehending the greatness of God.  I also believe that we have free will, the choice to do what we please.  Many times I have commented that we are NOT puppets whose strings are being pulled behind the scenes.  We are in charge of our own lives and vulnerable to the consequences for our actions.  I believe God gives us the choice of whether or not to accept Him and the gift of Jesus.
     There is no good reason for me to believe otherwise.   


    Millions do, millions don't. Isn't freedom of choice grand? :) 

    I personally do not believe Jesus gave his life for us. He was a messenger but not a savior. I do however believe there is a creator who goes by all different names but is the same creator for all. 


    No, I don't.  I think that it's irrational and arbitrary to believe in god. God and the bible are an anachronism and are an attempt to assuage the anxiety of our mortality. The bible was written by ancient people for ancient people as an attempt to answer questions about their environment. Over the millennia science has disproved most of it and as a result closed the gaps in knowledge which the bible attributed to miracles. However, people find comfort in delusion so it remains a powerful institution.

    Headless Man

    Would you point out where science has proved the Bible wrong........

    Why bother Randy, even if he did, you'd never believe it. Even if it made complete rational and logical sense, you still would not believe it. You only believe in stuff that is based in faith.

    Well, lets see. Moses was supposed to have written the first five books of the bible. However, they include his death. How, do you suppose he did that? It also contains his experiences in an area that is the biblical promised land which he wasn't allowed to enter. Also, eleven of the twentyseven books of the New Testament are forgeries. Now, these were discovered by biblical historians and this is just a couple of things.

    Yes, you bet'ch!  I believe in both.

    i don't believe in god but i believe jesus gave me life



    Hi Reign, it's great that you believe that Jesus gave you life. Do you think Jesus is like a human form? Or is Jesus more like a spiret or entity? I always was taught that Jesus was the son of the Father.

    1Billy.... According to historians of whom I respect, Jesus Christ was a person and did walk on this earth. Whether or not he was also a Deity or died and rose from the dead .... well thats where faith comes in to play.

    So Reign, let me ask you this, who do you suppose gave people life when Jesus was wandering around on earth as a man? Was he doing double duty then? Messenger of a non existent God according to you and creator at the same time? Do you follow any religion at all? Do you even read the bible that is suppose to be the life story of Jesus (or partial life story as the case may be with so many unrecorded years of his life)?

    jesus was fully man as well as fully god not a half and half.

    No according to the Christian belief he is 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. He was speaking to himself from the cross? No matter how hard you all try, none of this makes logical sense. It can only be digested through faith.
    Headless Man

    No Colleen not 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 three forms of one, you understand that I know.

    I understand the mix but do not believe it sticks together. It can't. Jesus is not infused with God. God is God. Jesus is his creation just like we all are. He was simply used to bring a message, that's it.

    Yes and Yes........

    I dont know.Questions like this tend to confuse me.It must be nice to have a profound belief the way some people do but i cant get my head round that,i tend to lean towards agnosticism

    Factual Agnosticism---"I neither have a belief nor do I have a belief in the absence of such".

    No and no.

    All the regulars know my stand on this one,I respect the right of others to believe what they wish as I expect them to respect my right not to and not to try and push their beliefs on to me.

    yes. most definately.

    I am an atheist, but i respect the right of others to believe in what ever gives them comfort. 


    No and yes according to the gospels.

    ya my GOD he is very nice

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