Evolution or Creation?

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    Evolution without a doubt.  To believe in creation is just a display of ignorance.

    Creation.I Belive with all my Heart God made us!Hope this helps u.

    What If God's timing was much different then ours...Which I believe it clearly Is.  Then Most of creationism and evolution can coincide...leaving the dinosaures and did man evolve from primates 2 glorious topics to hotly debate.

    It definitely doesn't take long for this one to pop back up.

    Anyone who thinks the universe was made in 6 days by an old geezer with a long white beard sitting on a cloud and waving his arms about can only be described as a Republican.


    Oui,Monsieur !

    Creation of God.  I myself did not come from no damn monkey thank you very much.

    Creation, without doubt, the chances of us evolving from monkeys would be the equivelent of an ink factory and a paper factory simitainously blowing up and creating the libery of congress.

    This debate will continue for some more thousands years ore more, possibly till the real end of life on our planet.

    We should learn and use for our lives what each one of us value in each rather than turn the debate/disagreement  into another reason for who knows how seriuos planet  war - warm, cold or hot or super hot.

    the creation of evolution

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