Does anyone feed the wild birds at feeders in the winter?

    If so what kind do you see?

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    Yes , year round. Also my hummingbird feeder. Really enjoy different birds.


    How do you keep a hummingbird feeder from freezing?

    no hummingbirds in winter , take it back in and clean . Put out in april

    I'll give an answer myself I get sparrows , Dark eyed juncos, cardinals,  nuthatches, woodpeckers, doves  Remember the birds need food in the spring too I feed all year. I've seen blue buntings and grosbeaks. I love watching birds It makes me mad when a hawk comes in and tries to snag the other birds!

    Going to bed soon  but will leave you with this bird related thought.Is it just me or anyone else hate to see (usually young and with their parents)kids chasing the pigeons in town? I know all about the flying rats and vermin tags but to me its cruelty.Its not that many years ago our local council used to put seed out for them,until they decided otherwise.Now apparantly you can get fined for feeding them


    That is sad Birds tend to establish a feeding area and to not feed them is cruel!When I go to the grocer , once a week I see 12 total white pigeons sitting on a electric line Is this a sign? We've had homing pigeons stop here for a break! You can pick them up!

    I feed my wild birds all year round.Theyve got 2 seed holders,a seed cake but theyre turning their noses(well,beaks!!!) up at that and fat balls.Plus bread at times too though today they had cake.I get sparrows,starlings,robins,blue tits,pigeons and a pair of doves.Used to get a nuthatch but he seems to have disappeared.The most unusual bird i ever had visit was a jay,only saw him once


    Nuthatches are cool. They can walk up or down a tree

    How lucky are you - so much birdsong - magical.

    i feed the little  buggers  mine are spoiled

    Well of coarse mostly at the local mcdonolds, they love french fries..

    The woman down the street from me sends her daughter  out with bread loafs to feed the birds in the HEB (grocery store) parking lot...........


    Fat balls are good you can probably get them over there.

    Hummingbirds are so fantastic I always have their feeder out when they come back!

    Yeah - I feed on this little green opposite where it now says "Do not feed the pigeons". Also the ducks up the road where the pond is in the same BIT of green.


    Feeding pigeons ???Dopey i want to vote you up as best answer!!1Someones got to be nice to them!!Just beware the council......

    Thankyou leosmami - I have lived here unfortunately for over 21 years cannot wait to leave and have always fed the ducks and pigeons and would you believe it is only recently there is a notice on the railings saying "do not feed the pigeons". There was a big outcry some time ago in Trafalgar Square forgotten how to spell it and Parliament where all the tourists are and were feeding the pigeons. What can I say. Don't worry I will continue even late into the night but they do have lots of take aways because people drop the remains everywhere just awful, which is why we have so many urban foxes and now you will be horrified - just as I was doing well -I feed the foxes too.

    Me wife uses up around 100 lbs if wild bird see every winter.

    She gets around five or six different types.

    Me, I get a kick out of the squirrels truing in vain  to get to the four wire suspend feeder.


    I buy 25 lbs of mixed seed twice a month and fill the feeder. Have redwinged black bird, cardinals, sparrows and a few finches.

    Yes, very many people, as I work at a major home improvement warehouse and I see lots  people of take care of the birds and  critters  in their backyards by purchasing, ever increasing price-wise, food to sustain them......It's LOVE!!


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