Do thing it is Republicans of the Democrats that are trying to "Save" SS money from being spent by the government?

    The truth is it is the REPUBLICANS not the Democrats, the so called party of the working man

     In 1999, Republican Congressman Wally Herger sponsored a  bill in the House of Representatives. This law would have restricted Congress from using money borrowed from the Social Security program to spend on other government programs. It passed the House by a bipartisan vote of 416 to 12

    Senate rules allow for a "filibuster," in which certain votes can be blocked unless 60 of the Senate's 100 members agree to let it take place In the Senate,

    Republicans attempted to bring this bill up for a vote, and it was blocked by a filibuster conducted by Democrats. All 55 Republicans voted to allow the bill to move forward. All but one of 45 Democrats voted to block the bill, and one Democrat did not vote.

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    The Republicans, from Barry Goldwater, to Reagan, to G.W. Bush have been trying to RETURN Social Security to again make it YOUR PRIVATE Fund, as it was when created by FDR in 1932,

    It was the Democrats in the Congress who CHANGED it from being YOUR INDIVIDUAL U.S. Government Bond, to make all of the Bonds the property of the Social Security Administration.

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