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    Education facilitiesAurora residents have access to a wide range of educational facilities, including private, public, separate (Catholic) and French language schools, daycare, nursery, elementary and secondary schools.

    Both publicly-funded school boards for York Region maintain head offices in Aurora. The York Region District School Board is located on 60 Wellington Street West, just west of the historical downtown area, and the York Catholic District School Board is located at 320 Bloomington Road West, adjacent to Cardinal Carter Catholic High School.

    The York Region District School Board operates the secular public school education system in York Region, which has two high schools in Aurora:

    Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary SchoolAurora High School

    as well as several elementary schools.

    The York Catholic District School Board operates several elementary schools in Aurora, as well as Cardinal Carter Catholic High School and St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic High School.

    Conseil scolaire de district catholique Centre-Sud, which administers French-language Catholic schools runs an elementary school, École St. Jean, and a high school, École secondaire catholique Renaissance (formerly ÉSC Cardinal-Carter).

    Also, St. Andrew's College, an independent school for boys, is located in Aurora.

    The Aurora Public Library is a public library funded and operated by the town.

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