how many miles ? 1142 queens rd. charlotte nc 28207 , 5531 n. stream rd. 28208

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    Map Quest could not find the exact location, but offered this solution:  Freedom Dr14 mins / 7.51 miles.  You didn't state if N. Stream Rd. was in Charlotte, NC. 


    Hi Linner, welcome to the forum! Thanks for jumping right in! We can use all the help we can get here. If you could, with the map questions, leave behind the link to MapQuest also. This way they can try on their own. A lot of people do not know how to Google or search so we try to make it easy by just giving them the link. I've already added the link to your answer. Once again, welcome and thanks for the help!!

    I wanted to leave the link to your question, Colleen, but with insufficient informatiion, there was no link to leave for you.  Anyone can reach Map Quest by entering in their search engine.  Thank you for you kind welcome, and I look forward to attempting more answers.  Right now, for me, it's time to hit the hay !!  Good night to you !! 



    Have a great night and thanks for understanding about the link. There are a lot of people who are new to computers and they just don't know they can use their search engine and type www. anything and find what they need. Plus being new, they may not even know about Mapquest. Sunshinephat will now know how to get her own directions the next time she needs them ;)

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