what is the general way of ellecting a new secetary of allotment assosiation

    Recently our secetary has decieded to step down, we had an secret ballet with two names on and none of the above.

     One person won now the other one is questioning the out come, saying that as it was a secret ballet that it was fixed as i am friends with the person that won .

    All voting slips were sent out and came back in sealed envelopes which were opened by two people at the meeting one envelope came in late after the others were counted so this was not counted .

    The losing canditate is wanting an open vote by show of hands, they are also stating when people were questioned they all said they voted for them.

    Have we done things correctly.

    Carol Hopkinson  Treasurer Birchwood Allotments

    0  Views: 456 Answers: 1 Posted: 8 years ago

    1 Answer

    The method used should be described in your Associations Bylaws.

    If not, then the "Roberts Rules or Order" should by followed.


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