when should you ideally set your GPS destination- before driving off, during the trip or don't bother?

    please give reason(s) for your choice.

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    I see you need help in figuring out when you should set your GPS. We are a help site so let me offer you some guidance. 

    You should set your GPS before driving as setting it while you are driving is more unsafe than texting while driving. 

    I hope I was able to help you and good luck with your GPS and getting to your destination. 

    Upon arrival at destination. You want to make sure that:

    a- You're at the right place

    b- Your GPS works

    If i was you Sawali i would pick C Don't bother, if you don't know when you should set a GPS, how on earth do you follow the road rules?Hope you have a safe trip.

    I think you need an idiot detector.


    so this is how idiots gather Karma points- where did you buy your detector?

    I could care less about points of any kind I get on here to enjoy the site. You asked a dumb question that deserved a dumb answer unless you truly do not know how to use a GPS.

    sometimes  a "gps" is not you best bet, over this past summer my wife and i went to a wedding in sturbrige mass some 100 miles west of boston. we used mapquest to get their worked out great our departure point was differant so we used a gps to return it took almost twice as long to return..point is gps's is good for fine tunning that's about it..

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