How can I write paragraph about self.


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    Write a few sentences about yourself, keep your story focused only on you, when you have finished writing about yourself, that will be your paragraph.To start another paragraph means that you will be changing the topic and focusing on something else.

    Good advice has been given.  A few more things to consider (possibly reworded)...
    1.  For what kind of information is the paragraph required (general history, job history, anecdote or experience)
    2.  Are you to write in the first person (I)?  i.e.  I am Bob/PKB and have been a member of akaQA since August, 2011. 
    3.  How long does the paragraph need to be.  Generally, a paragraph is considered to be 5-7 sentences.  Remember that you stay on topic (you) in a paragraph.  If you have a dog and say, "I have a dog named Rover", you do not then give more info about the dog. 
    4.  Organize the information you want to give chronilogically (by time) if you are giving a history of yourself.  For example, you wouldn't say, "I worked as a veterinarian's assistant when I was 16, and was a receptionist at a doctor's office when I was 20.  When I was 13, I baby sat for the neighbors."
    5.  An interesting paragraph about yourself will not start every sentence with "I".  Mix it up.  Example:
    "I am Bob/PKB, and have been a member of akaQA since August, 2011.  My interest in being a member here is due to the fact that I am loaded with opinions and have the opportunity to offer them on a wide variety of topics.  Asking questions of the other members is really fun for me because it gives me the chance to learn a little more about them."  
    6.  Make a list of the things you want to include in your paragraph and decide the order in which they will appear.  Then you can write a sentence for each one, possibly a compound sentence where you put in two things.  Then join up your sentences and edit so it flows smoothly.  Example of compound sentence:   "In addition to bowling as often as is humanly possible, it is also fun to go to the golf course on a sunny afternoon and spend time on the driving range and practic putting."   (I like to bowl.  I like to hit golf balls.  Way boring sentences.)

    Hope this helps a little bit. 

    Write about what you had for breakfast and how you liked it.............


    The End. ????? LOL!!!!

    Write about anything,go for it!

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