I was denied pistol permit but i have a certifiate of relief in new york can i get it

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    I assume you want an Australian permit. Conditions vary from state to state but generally include : 1. You must have no criminal convictions 2. You must be a member of an approved pistol club 3. Alternatively you must prove you have a need for a pistol, ie. it must be a requirement of your employment as a security guard (and not just a 'bouncer' at a club). 4. You must attend that pistol club on a regular basis and not just join to get a permit. 5. You must complete an approved firearm safety course.

    I am not an expert - just the holder of a rifle permit in Tasmania and I base my suggestions partly on what I experienced and partly on what I heard while going through the process for my licence. There are other conditions so you should contact the firearms branch of the police in your state or territory in Australia.

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    I am assuming by that that you have a criminal record and thereby will not be able to get a pistol permit.

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