where does the phrase "round-heeled" originate from?

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     A definition for round-heel can be found in the Supplement of Partridge's Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English, 5th Edition, 1961: "sexually compliant; a girl with heels so round that the least push will put her on her back. 

    That's all of what I could find.  Get the book from the library since it costs over $50.00 which is too pricey for me, plus it's not available for the Kindle.  Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

    Round heels


    Promiscuous. It is meant to suggest that the girl -or guy- in question tips backwards easily i.e. is ready for sexual intercourse in the missionary position.

    She's slept with everybody in class. That girl sure has round heels


    Thank you figtree. I didn't think about looking in the urban dictionary. Does it happen to state the origin of the phrase? Good job. TU

    I still can't find the origin! A book uses it in it's title, if you'd like to read the books description it is at the bottom half of the page.

    figtree3, I took your advice and have started reading A Round Heeled Woman... So far so good. It states that a round heeled woman was once slang for a prostitute. However, no origin as of yet. r/yvonne57

    Wow, old question, but the term "roundheel" was used in 1800's England to refer to a prostitute, especially one who was on the streets (as opposed to in a brothel).  Instead of having a room to go to, she would take her client into an alleyway, lift her skirts and lean back against the wall.  Having "round heels" implied that she was just as comfortable leaning back like that as she was standing straight, so was always ready for sex.


    I thought it was somone with a lot of money,,

    "Well heeled" Dougal!
    That's the definition of a good hooker.

    In 1926, a "roundheel" was a boxer that was easily defeated because his heels were so round that he could be easily pushed onto his back by his opponent.  Soon it referred to prostitutes because it was easy to get them on their backs.  It is also used to describe a very gullible person, a pushover.  

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