what do you do if your friend likes your boyfriend

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    Either find another friend or another boyfriend...

    Is your friend trying to steal him away? If she is, then the gal is not your friend!

    personally my advice is stop being around that friend until she finds a man of her own. otherwise she is going to keep pineing for yours.  don't tolerate it.

    Oh this is a brilliant question for me!!A friend of mine has a soft spot for my other half.She called round earlier on actually and was really disappointed he d gone to work.But i have told her she can have him!!Shed probably be nicer to him than i am at the moment,hes a nice guy and deserves that.I am just horrible,nasty and ratty towards him at the moment.Shame as everyone seems to like him.Suprised hes still around actually.....Doubt itll bother me when he isnt


    you are supposed to be ansering my questions instead of telling me about your social life

    leosmami no actually you should have a toast when he isn't around. you don't need somebody with a crush on your other half hanging around waiting for you to drop out. let him drop. your relationship is not his business & he should not be there period. he needs to get HIS OWN other half, not yours.

    BEAT THEM UP!!!!!

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