how can i get a charged withdrawn

    im looking for friends

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    Charged withdrawn?    Looking for friends?   What?

    That would be a matter for the courts to decide.

    ""I'm lookin' for a friend too. Nobody wants to know me.

    You would have to hire a lawyer to submit an appeal. And this would be a collection of documented proof  that somehow the decision was unfair. this can be costly, especially if you lose. It would help to include signed testimonies of friends and family, co-workers, and proffessional people you know who will stand up and support you on this matter and also comment on you character and past  related behaviour. If you end up losing the appeal you may have to pay for the entire court costs. A Discovery or an informal meeting is held to go over the evivdence and to see if the re-trial is actually worth the time and effort to do again.


    Maybe it's a speeding ticket!

    If at this point your only charged, get a lawyer obviously. The BS that your innocent till proven guilty is just that BS. You must present the information to prove your innocence.

    Depending on the charge you could go talk to the DA( District Attorney )and get it dropped or get in a court referal program. Its all about the money. If you have or if you don't. If they don't drop the charges you can get a Lawyer and get it expunged from your record but again its all about MONEY> good luck


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