5 absences all year???!!!! What if a child gets sick???

    Our children are only allowed to have 5 absences all year.. My daughter is a striaght A student who had strep early this year followed by the flu (which we had shots for) a couple of months later... Then we had a death in the family.

    She has a stomach virus and is expected to go to school or I am going to have to go to court for educational neglect....

    I guess I will see the truancy officer in court.

    How can the school system weed out real cases of neglect from good parenting? A Dr. excuse is unrealistic considering a visit to the Dr. is $40 a pop and there is no need for a child to see a Dr. for a virus....

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    That's really crazy that the school board has put everyone into that type of grouping, as everyone's situation is different. Your daughter shouldn't be made to go to school when she's sick, just because some moron created some stupid rule that doesn't differentiate between individual's circumstances.

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