How can i remove from my home web page... I just want the Window Internet Explorer and WXii news of my town to be the introduction page.

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    Just make those pages your new homepages. 

    To set a homepage for Windows:

    Open a tab with the homepage you want to use. Have only that tab open, then go to Tools > Options > General Tab > under Home page see "Use current page(s)" Click it and the click OK.

    To set the Home page in Mozilla Firefox:

    1.Open the Mozilla Firefox Browser
    2.Select Tools
    3.Click on Options
    4.Select Main Button
    5.Insert the you want as the Homepage
    6. Finally Click on OK

    To set homepage in Google Chrome:

    on your definition menu which is marked by a logo at the top right or left of your screen choose “options” and then “Basic”. There you will be able to define your homepage.
    Internet explorer: Stand on the “Home” logo that’s located on your tool bar at the top of the screen. There you will se an option to “add or change my home page”.

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