Is there anybody here that would still vote for obama ? Tell the world what he has accomplished.

    I just dont think he has done much to improve the economy like he said . When i see on tv the kind of people that voted for him, it just makes me think i dont want to be involved with these kind of people. People that want something for nothing. Entitlements.

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    Well, most of the articles I've read in the papers recently said that most economist and business people think that the country is heading in the right direction. Unemployment is down, manufacturing is up, even housing is on the rise and the American auto industry iis doing well because of him.. We are also out of Iraq which has cost us almost a trillion dollars in the last ten years and most people support this according to surveys. Then there is the fact that he got Bin Laden.  Can things go bad again, of course. however, at the current time they seem to be slowly improving. But, to say that the people who support him want something for nothing is smple and absurd. It's like the conservatives calling liberals socialist, it's ignorant. Socialism doesn't recognize the idea of private property, it''s a collective for heavens sake. Try to take the property of a liberal and you might find out just how many do own guns. We are called socialist because it's a left wing distortion of the American political idealogy of liberalism. Suppose I call all conservatives fascist because it's a distorted right wing idealogy. Is that fair or honest? No, it isn't. The problem is that people respond to political questions emotionally instead of thinking before they open their mouths or thoughts.


    thanks, but doesnt it bother the group you are in. Look at the people that vote for him and the reason they vote for him . The democrat party is no longer the party of the working man. its the entitlement person.The new democrat partty is a less moralistic group of people that i do not want to associate with.

    Well, we disagree on this. I do think that the democratic party is the party of the working man. They support unions snd the republicans are on a campaign statewide to try and destroy them and it's a myth that unions are responsible for dragging business down due to exorbitant wages. The working mans income has gone down in the last three decades while the wealthy has gone up excessively and its the republicans that support the business class who are the real elites. I don't see the democrates as less moralistic, but the republicans as moralising, sanctimonious,blowhards. They are always spouting their religious stand on every issue and then getting caught with their hand in the till or their pants down. I know that the democrats have their share of ethical problems, but they aren't the party of values. You're right, the democrats are the party of entitlesments, but in our society there has always been a moral contract that the less fortunate are helped by those of us with more and I don't mean private charities, but government programs as is the case with all advanced governments. Of course entitlesments need to be trimmed but not killed and corporations give more to republicans than democrates because they know that the republicans will support them to the detriment of everyone else. Balance is the secret to life, grasshopper. That is the reason that all of this is really just nonsense. The only real solution is in the center where the best of both parties is found or at least the most practical aspects.

    Who wrote these articles? How much fact is in them or is it all propaganda by Obama supporters because I and thousands of other Americans do not see any of this. My property value was just reduce by $50K two months ago because of the poor housing market and even worse economy. The unemployment rate showed a very slight improvement because of the number of unemployed coming off the system due to the fact they used up all their unemployment. They are still unemployed just no longer counted as they are no longer able to collect. The other aspect of this is when they posted the new numbers, it was just as the holiday season was beginning and temporary positions where being filled. These people are now unemployed again and collecting if they still can.

    I do not believe he "got" Bin Laden. I believe Bin Laden died of complications due to his failing kidneys while Bush was still in office. I believe the whole getting Bin Laden was staged, hence no body for proof.

    We are out of Iran and our military is soon to be weaken due to Obama's cuts to the military forces. This makes us vulnerable to attacks and part of Obama's agenda to get us into a WWIII situation so he can not be unseated as president. If we are attacked, he can call on the UN, then we go after who ever attacked us (I'm guessing an "Iranian attack" will be set up (manufactured)) and Iran will call on their allies to help them and whah-lah, WWIII.

    The majority of people who want him are living on welfare or unemployment or believe the government owes them something. As long as he keeps extending unemployment cut off dates and increasing the pay for unemployment, they will vote for him. He is also revisiting the failed idea of giving people with little income a chance to buy a house. This means the ones who can afford a house will have to pay more in their mortgage loans to offset the inability of some to pay their own loans. I believe this is the reason house values are being destroyed so even the poor can afford one. The ones who were able to buy their homes and pay them off lose out to the poor as their loss helps the poor. Socialism.

    As for guns, he is still pushing his gun control bill that would remove the guns from legal Americans but does not stop the criminals from having them.

    End result, he is bad for America.

    To Colleen: Well, the paper I read it in was my town paper The Richmond Timesdispatch which by anyone would be considered conservative and it will never be an Obama supporter. I also read some articles in the Washington post as well as the Economist which is a moderate conservative economic publication.

    As far as house value reduction; this was a problem that started long before he was in office and I'm pretty sure it wasn't going to be fixed for a long time. History shows that this type of bubble burst takes years to resolve.
    Our military reduction is going to make us weak? We spend 10 times what the rest of the world spends on defence combined. We have the largest carrier battle groups in the world, all with neuclear capability. Supposedly, we have the ability to fights wars on two fronts, but it's also stupid to do it, as George Bush found out. It's exactly how Napoleon was defeated, as well as Hitler. We can reduce our military quite a bit and still be a formidable force.

    World war III, naw I don't think so. I haven't seen any information to support your assertion. Obama is not isane and to start such an incident would be nuts. If anyone started anything with Iran it would be Israel. Plus, all the bloviating by Iran is just that, hot air. They wouldn't even survie a blockade of the straits of Hormuz economically much less a military confrontation with the United States. They are not an existential threat to us.

    Guns? Well, they should be controlled to a degree and he can't take guns from the American people because the supreme court just issued a decision a year ago that stated that gun ownership was a fundamental, individual right. A lot of people end up killing themselves or friends and family members because they are careless or uneducated about guns. Here is Va. we have had a rash of stories recently about that very thing. Also, I think that most people that snarl and say they want a gun for protection are usually full of it. For one thing, when a criminal confronts you he has usually considered what he is willing to do with his gun, he's had time. You on the other hand are caught unprepared and will likely hesitate, it's human nature, and then he will kill your ass.

    As far as who's bad for the country I will say that I've been disappointed in his performance but which one of the clowns on the right is the best? You could sprain your brain just thinking about it.

    Since every 4th person in this country is now living below the poverty line, there have to be programs in place to help people who through no fault of theire own need  help from our government. I dont consider that an entitlement. I also dont believe what News[papers write or News Channels report. They are all biased against one party or the other. The jobs report is also very questionable. Many people were hired before Christmas for seasonal jobs only. I will wait for the next jobs report to see, if there is really an approvement. There is a place called Governors Island here in NH.a very exclusive Island with  multi million dollar homes. We drove through there today and just about every fith house is for sale.The worst I have ever seen.  We desperatly need a change, someone who can get this country back on track . Obama is not the right man for the job.


    I couldn't agree more or say it better.

    I don't know who I'd vote for; for a long time it has been the "lesser of the other evils." Accomplishment? Having the first Labradoodle in the White House.""

    I've got to be honest on this,  HE D*MN SURE ISN"T AS BAD AS GEORGE W. BUSH, if it hadn't been for BUSHONOMICS and his A$$ kissing puppets, where do you think the USA would be today WITH or WITHOUT Obama!!!!!!!


    Thank excellent point "W" did a lot of harm here and abroad!

    He's no different than GW. Same, same. Same as Mitt Romney. Same, same. Would be like voting George or Obama back in.

    Colleen, there's no one worst than GW, not even GWH and GWH is a weinie!!!

    Obama Foever,


    He can come live with you when he's booted from office.

    i love politics and i love debates.  i wish i had time to write what i have discovered about what is going on today.  i recommend that  people look at democacy now, with amy goodman, politic nation, pbs newshour.  we are being so brainwased by the media.  if you seek and look closely you will see that the housing crisis was caused by deregulation. 700,000 jobs a month was lost under president bush.  big companies have been getting corporate welfare for years and hiding their money offshore.  it sad that as smart as the republican people are all they think about is 'my money' and how to get rid of obama.  from reading experts, thomas frank, being one.   GOP wants to abolish government.  that's getting rid of the middle class in america.  many teachers have lost jobs.  police have been let go in many california counties.   dig deep and get some real facts before you start talking news sound bites and rhetoric put out over the air waves.  by the way president reagan raised taxes i beleive 8 times.  get some facts.  matter of fact the republican party is so embarrased about all the misdeeds that president bush did, they will not even mention his name.  what do you think about that?  they are as ashamed of him as i am.


    All i have to do is look at all the scumbags on tv that voted for obama, and i know i dont want to vote for obama. Cause they know NOTHING. That sorry dipshit cant bowl a 50. A pathetic man.

    I dont think he ever had a plan , just an agenda.


    An agenda is a plan.

    He never had an agenda to help this country, just a plan on how he was going to ruin it. He's done a great job at that.


    ANSWER TO QUESTION TWO: Successfully pitted system draining freeloading Americans who look for government to provide everything for them.......against hard working independent American people who don't.

    i love you zorro.  Mainly for speaking your mind regardless.  that's part of the greatness of this site!

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