Im too skinny and I'm concern about my bodyweight.Why when ever I gain,it never sticks to me?I drop the pounds again and again. I't seem like in a matter of hours.If iI could just eat all day,I heard that when you eating and sleeping works and sadly i've even tried that.and that did work but not healthy.I'm constantly checking my weight scale.Is it really unhealthy for the body to gain and lose over a long period of time(years). 3 to 4 lbs. as often as twice in 1 week.What am I really doing to

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    Wow people, how did this question turn into marriage and what a man would like?
    Shygile, see a doctor. You may have a thyroid problem which can kill you if left unchecked and you continue to lose weight.

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    Have you tried following a dieticians plan,they are there to help with weight loss/gain.A dietician will ensure that you put on or lose weight in a healthy manner.

    I think you need to speak to your doctor..  I know how frustiating being under wieght can be... I had an oberstion issue that was causing my wiehgt problems.. Now that I am older nature had taking is course and lovely brown fat has found its way to my hips thighs breasts and bottom.

    Stay healthy.


    See my comment under "Umbriel".

    Thats easy, get married. Just like everybody else you will start gaining weight.

    As long as you're healthy I wouldn't worry about it.   You're probably a lot prettier than you think.   And its a whole lot better to be thin than to weigh 300 pounds.  If you are eating right your weight will take care of itself.  Quit worrying.



    Dead right, stay slim for the wedding then let it rip.

    I think you need to see your doctor. Constantly checking the scales is not right. Maybe your scales are wrong.  Maybe you have an eating disorder. Please see the doc!

    If it helps I got a bout 30 extra pounds I'd like to give to someone else........

    nom...:  now thats what I call clear commons sense thinking. A++++ for you.

    It may be your metabolism don't worry this will slow with age, otherwise you could have parasites otherwise know as worms in your intestines, who really knows. You're young don't worry about it. You can check out webMD if you are really worried though. You may want to go see a doctor and get a check up?

    Have you had a test run to see if you have an overactive thyroid?


    yes,my doctor took some blood and it came back negitive,thank goodness.

    Do you smoke, "STOP",  but there is several reason's for being under weight, so ask your DOCTOR, if he/she says all's well, then be patience, because you could end-up regretting your wish/desire.

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