What do you think of this quote? "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." E. R.

    Do you tend to agree or disagree, and why?

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    Please note that Chiangmai has quoted another person. Your comments of offense should be directed to E.R., not Chiangmai.

    Thanks, Colleen. It happens to be Eleanor Roosevelt. :)

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    Great minds don't discuss, they write thesis. 

    Average minds seek but try not to dig too deep for fear of getting lost. 

    Small minds just sit and pick their scabs. 


    Sounds like there could be a lot of scab pickers around here. :)

    all in humor before someone takes offense. :)

    I do agree. I just don't have any idea why!


    Hahaha. You have just won the "Most Honest" award O' the week at akaQA, figtree.

    Do I have to be humble now too?
    I need to practice not having the last word.

    Great minds discuss ideas through thesis work, often times rambling off on the few who would listen. Average minds get force-fed the news through their t.v.'s - which have the power to dictate whether or not something is an event or otherwise - and in turn average minds remain fixated on "events." Small minds are the disturbingly large percentage of people who are totally unaware of ideas, and uninformed about events... as predictable as gravity they live in their ego-centric, ethno-centric, and sociologically blind masses, all constantly obsessed with what some other idiot is doing.

    In saying that my ego, unfortunately, may appear swollen - but keep in mind, I don't know any more if I qualify for any of those groups...

    "Generalizations can be dangerous, even that one."



    Sorry I was picking a scab....what did you say?
    ; )

    I actually agree with all you said : )

    I disagree. Who hasn't discussed all of the issues you've mentioned. Some may not be as informed as others, but voice an opinion never the less. Your categorizing people and that just isn't cool.


    I agree

    Your ego ... Swollen?  Ho No!

    this is a very enlighting quote.  personally i like discussing ideas, events and people.  people make the world go round.  that's why tabloids sell so well.  but its all good and depends on who you are around and what interest them and if you like them you may discuss it with them. 


    Your discussion is a little over my head. I am not sure if I follow you. However, it sounds pretty darned good.

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