can you get the x box cnecked be used to help def people write out a things by tech the camrer to understand sing langwaich

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    I did a search and this is what I found hope this helps?

     Re: Hearing Impaired gamers - UK GENERAL XBOX DISCUSSION ...

    Hey there to all gamers, just wanted to ask if there is any hearing impaired gamers out here? - Cached

    Xbox 360 headset for hearing impairments and hard hearing ...

    Question by Nicholas A: Xbox 360 headset for hearing impairments and hard hearing users!?! Please Help!!!!? I need to get a headset for my Xbox 360 on online. - Cached

    Playstation 3 & XBOX 360 Closed caption for the hearing ...

    Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 do not support Closed Caption CC for DVD play back over HDMI. ... Closed caption for the hearing impaired over HDMI DVD - Cached

    Hearing Disability Question - Xbox 360 & Xbox Forums

    Discussions > Off-Topic Lounge ... Hey guys, I dont know if you remember me about how I said Im hearing-impaired, about ... It is certainly not 100 percent certain ... - Cached

    360 games with subtitles for Hearing Impaired - Xbox Addict ...

    Xbox & > Xbox 360 Discussions ... I am deaf and I would like to own games that has subtitles option. I know Call of ... this is a very interesting thread, i indeed ... - Cached

    Products For The Hearing Impaired

    TTY TDD Store has online product sales and information for deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing impaired persons. The TTY TDD Store specializes in a wide range of ... - Cached

    headphones for hearing impaired

    ShopWiki has 35 results for headphones for hearing impaired, including Voice for Hearing Impaired Children Membership, ... Plantronics Over Ear Headset Xbox 360; - Cached

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