Why should any patriotic American want to do any business with Walmart when doing so supports slave labor in Nazi China?

    75% of what Walmart sells is rubbish and is far more expensive because of it's poor quality than American-made quality items. This make one wonder if the charge of "traitor" can be brought against BIG BUSINESS that moves the jobs out of America to Nazi China just to get money in the pockets of BIG BUSINESS and the subsequent destruction of American economy??

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    It's your choice to not shop there. I am very patriotic. I vote even. I do shop there because my Walmart employs a lot of people from my town. I believe what you are going on about is an old issue and Walmart no longer buys product from those factories. Research it. There's a story on the web aout it. Have you researched all companies selling products in the USA to make sure they are not buying from "slave" factories? 

    Walmart sells a lot of brand name items. I don't understand how you can call it rubbish. I shop there, but I also support my local stores. Should we also boycott the large supermarkets, the chain restaurants, Lowes, Home Depot, etc?

    BTW, I consider myself patriotic. 

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