What are some remedies for diabetes, high blood pressure, and stress?

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    Daily exercise will be helpful for all.

    a brisk walk everday for about 3 blocks should take care of all 4 problems.But, see your Dr. first about your ailments.

    Following a diet with foods low in carbs ( low in the GI index) will help with the diabetes, as will gentle exercise, which incidentally also helps stress, but it might be an idea to identify the source of your stress and if possible eliminate or reduce it, reduce salt intake, that is added salt and try using natural flavor enhancers instead (lemon juice, herbs etc) may assist with high blood pressure. But I strongly advise you consult a doctor, you may need medication and/ or request a referral to a dietician

    Good advice above, but also meditation may help. If you are diabetic, you need to take medication as prescribed, exercise and follow a good diet.

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