need to rid my dog of fleas

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    Frontline for dogs.

    I had a flea problem once with my cats. I had to have my whole house fogged for fleas, the problem had gotten so bad. When the person doing the fuming came, I told her I had cats and wanted to know how to rid them of fleas. She suggested I wash them in Ivory Dish Soap. I checked with my vet and they said it was safe and should work.

    So, I tried it (though my cats didn't care for the idea too much) and it worked very well.

    I'd suggest that you first of all consider where the fleas are coming from. If your house is infested, then just treating your dog might not be enough. You may need to treat your entire house, and your dog and other pets. My problem didn't come from my cats, but from my neighbor who had dogs. Their dogs flea problem combined with cold weather got the fleas into my house, feasting on my family and my cats.

    Buy a flea collar.


    that is something i would have never thought off tks

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