How do you feel about the shooting of the 15 yr old in Texas? (read more)

    A 15 year old with a pellet gun would not lower his weapon at school, the police not knowing it was a pellet gun saw him as an inamate threat and he was shot and killed.

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    I'd say the cop who fired the fatal shot will get a commendation for it.  one would think in this day and age you hear about all the non lethat stuff  the cops have to use  but. its their call

     This is a good example of what should happen when you are armed with a weapon and the police are armed with a deadly weapon. If you want to live, you do what they ask. It is very sad, but I believe this may be what is known as, 'suicide by police'. It happens quite often.


    I think it was a dumb stupid 8th grader who most likely thought the worst that would happen would be he'd be kicked outta school

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