if your not the pritiest girl in the school and you like a realy hot guy what do you do??????

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    Stop looking at men. You are too young for them. Guy means man.  Any boy in school is only going to be interested in you for one reason. You're too young for that too. 

    Concentrate on your school work.  That is what you are there to do, not to chase boys!

    Ignore him, these hot guys and girls are used to attention from everyone, they will usually go after the one that  can hide their attraction. It's an ego thing.. also, if he's that hot, he won't stay with you anyway, he has an ego to feed, once he'she acomplishes their mission to get you, they will always dump you shortly afterwards. The best way to keep them close is to stay afar.. Keep 'em confused. 


    But as other's have said, you should concentrate on your education mostly, because there is nothing more attractive than an intelligent mind..

    Good luck with your young life, don't wear it out so young, you have a lifetime ahead of playing these love games.. Finally one day you'll settle down, look back and laugh and pat yourself on the back for getting your education..

    The soscial aspect of school is important.. If you have a guy friend you are thinking about dating that is understandable.. .Dont try to date someone you dont have no realationship with... This.... "hot guy", sounds like you dont really know him....

    First and fore most your school years are going to pass you by... PLease apply yourself to your work and get every drop of educayion you can.


    Learn to spell first, before chasing boys.

    Develop a personality.....

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