am i a candiate for cancer?

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    sorry, meaning I have lots of un needed stress lots...

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    Depends on your genes but also cancer is dorment in all of us some show signs some don`t .

    ed shank

    My Grand-mother never smoked, shot dope, or went boozing. She lived in the Swiss Alps all her life. Breathed air directly from God and still died of lung cancer. Go figure.

    We all are, some more than others............

    No one knows for sure, what causes most cancers (other than smoking of course) so, in that sense, many of us are candidates.  I would add that, now and again, you will hear of someone with lung cancer, who has never smoked nor spent much time around second-hand smoke.  You can only do those things which we KNOW, help to promote overall smoking, no drugs, no (or moderate) drinking, daily exercise, eating healthy, etc.

    Cancer doesn't discriminate by sex, race, gender, etc.

    Stress can deplete your immune system. When you are stressed out, your breathing becomes shallow it depletes  your oxygen intake.. !-2 times a day, do some deep-breathing exercises and take Vitamin B complex. It will calm you down and you can deal with stress, without getting sick. Cancer will manifest itself only in an oxygen-deprived enviroment.

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