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    I have searched this computer long and hard. Have had 5 diffrent antivirus/malware programs and none find the perp or find malware or virus. Guess my only other option would be take it to a foresnic computer examiner. Next question where will I find one that can back trace and find the person who is hacking?  Is there other options and how can I find them? 

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    Have you ever just taken it to a computer tech? How do you know it has a virus? Are you sure it not just a system error?  You said you've run malware. Did you run malwarebytes? 

    Have you spoken to your internet provider about the fact you believe your computer is being hacked?


    I built a new computer. Within an hour it was being hacked. I wipe drived and re-installed everything, hacked within an hour again. I put a new hard drive in re-install and hack. I bought a playstation and the person hacked into it. I had built a second computer making sure nothing from any other computer or playstation could infect it. I was hacked within an hour. I contacted playstation and they told me there was nothing they could do it is the responsiblity of the internet service provider to stop the hacker. I have called the security dept at comcast/infinity and they never return my calls. I have written to as I was instructed by their online chat help and no e-mails are ever replied to. The person on live chat told me that it is their security department that handles that and they would take care of the problem. I have been trying for weeks to get comcast to get involved. I plan to call later today and get something done. Anytime I talk to anyone about it they immediatly say virus or malware. I think that the person somehow knows my information and uses it to hack into my computers that way. Maybe somehow making my computers part of their network and when I am on line they know they can attack. I was planning to take a course for forensic computer trainng but you have to be be certified in windoes. I took my computer to a shop and they said no virus nor malware could be found. I cannot seem to get help anywhere. Strange that they were not trying to hack while the shop had it. Maybe they knew that it was not my internet connection and figured it best to lay low until the computer was connected back to comcast. I do believe on day I will find the hacker and I will press charges to the fullest extent of the law. I believe I have their phone number as they had called the house and it sounded like two computers talking. Then my internet went out and it was difficult to get it back on line. The phone company will not release the phone records to me. So any suggestions on how I can get help, get comcast to answer me and find the person hacking so they can be brought to justice? How I can continue to be hacker free from there on?

    Had lost my train of thought, I know that it cannot be a virus or malware doing the damage and keeping me from doing things on the computer. Anything I type or do they can see and read. I have wrtitten them notes and they have stopped just to start messing again in a short time. They have deleted files, messed with programs, interefere with game play, mess up the registry, have caused system failure, locked me out of my e-mail, I am sure they have stolen my financial information, life lock has that under control, they take control of my mouse, steal my bandwidth, slow my computer to nothing. Not bragging, just want you to understand my computer has an asus crosshairs extreme 4 motherboard, six core processor, sixteen gigbytes ram, a 6970 ati video card with dedicated 2 gigabytes memory or ram and a second video card as well. My internet connection is 25 mbps cable modem. I should have power. This perp drains it to the point it is like draging your mouse through molasses. When he is there and I watch a movie it shakes and shutters and sometimes freezes up. I think that is due to him stealing the movie while I watch it. My game play also suffers. It snags up and he takes control of my character, I try to move one way and he either keeps it from moving or move in the opposite direction. Keeps me from attacking the monster (recent dragon age) does the same thing in the playstation. He causes the screen to flash and lines to appear in my screen, can here him messing with the computer inside, causes programs to start, can hear my modem click and sometimes the television/monitor sounds like it is breaking with loud clanks. Virus/malware does not do those things. Maybe a hidden malware or virus he uses as a door.

    OK, if you are truly being hacked like this, report it to the police. They have internet cops and if it's too much for them it goes to Washington. Hacking is a crime. They will investigate.

    It was or is indeed a hacker.  There is a program out there called peer block.  I have been running it on my computer for months.  It blocks all the colleges and others that get into your computer and slow it.  It gives IP address.  The program was not showing them and I had forgotten I had a file folder collecting the information.  I found the folder looking for something else.  Went to and put in the address and got all the information that is needed to bust him.  He lives in chicago and his internet service provider is comcast.  It also provided me with their account name.  This has been sent to comcast via e-mail.  I have complete control of my mouse.  The fan in my computer has sped up.  This web page flew open.  Yes, it was is a hacker.  Maybe now I will get some peace.  Thank you colleen for the advice and also thank you to the others who answered.

    free will love it.


    Give me his IP address and I can get you a picture of his house with directions.

    Click here. The red flag A shows where he is. You can zoom in and out or add your address and get directions to where he is. Looks like he's doing this while at work. This building is in the medical district. 


    Thank you. That would get him into even more trouble. Messing with company time. I do hope this will be the end of this torture. No one has any Idea what I have been going through. But that is with everything. Unless you are there with a person and even then not know the full impact situations has on them.

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