I just recently had a tripple by-pass surjery, what are good foods to eat?

    I need good food, low in fat, and I am diabetic.

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    This is a very complicated question, with a very long answer.  You should be seeing a dietician or a naturopathic doctor who will know a lot about the proper diet for your conditions.  Don't delay.

    When, I had my triple bypass in '06 they told me to eat just like, I did before surgery an that they would instruct me during cardiac rehab what to/not eat.  But they didn't put me in the rehab program so, I still eat as, I please but, I did cut way down on fats, junk foods and haven't smoked since!!! GOOD LUCK!

    Have blood tests at six monthly to check your Cholesterol avoid saturated fat, low fat meat 2-3 times a week on the other days choose fish or non-fat alternatives. Avoid too much cheese, low fat milk and butter, thick creamy yoghurts. Lots of vegetables and small portions of fruit. Oily fish rich in omega 3 fatty Acids or take supplements, Kwai Garlic ACE one a day good for healthy heart. Steam, microwave, poach or boil food - no fat needed if you grill use as little oil as possible or spray oil. Nobody should cook with vegetable oil has palm oil in it full of saturated far even sunflower oil not so good - small amounts of olive oil or groundnut oil.Wholegrain food good. Small portions of foof - or little and often. Only small amount of Alcohol. Eggs they keep changing their mind about was only two eggs a week but now they say more. Two seems enough. Cut down on the sugary foods as well as fatty do not forget fruits can be sweet. Drink 100% juice and lots of fluid tap, mineral, soda water,tap, tea, coffee with low fat milks.  Sorry I could go on and on and as Ducka says big subject - big answer and really you should see a Dietician which the hospital who did you operation should have referred you to. I have the very sheet right here with Dietary advice for the healthy heart - hope this much helps gives you a little idea, look at labels also - I should follow this advice myself. There is also the Heart Foundation who will send you diet Sheets and there is one from the company who sell Flora sort of butter substitute (Benecol have just brought out another better one may also have diet sheets } The Flora Institute in the UK.  Get well and take very good care of yourself.

    I would eat everything as close to its normal form as possible, which you should do anyway regardless of surgery.

    Example fresh lean meats grilled, vegies, fruit, grains, and remember everything is good for you in moderation, that will help too. good luck

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