Why do banks charge a fee due to insuffiient funds when they know that your already broke?

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    They don't care, business is business.

    GREED !

    LOL that is like saying I cannot be overdrawn I still have checks......

    It's to keep you responsible and to keep you from over drawing drawing on your account. They have to cover the overdraft for you. That's the fee. But I agree, they are trying to take blood from a stone when they do that. 


    Thank you, that is a good answer.

    Because not properly managing your CASH FLOW does not necessarily mean that you're broke. It usually just means that you are careless.

    Because they (banks) are all-encompassing, money hungry, mega machines that don't give a rats A** about you,  in the least.   It's ALL about them and how much they can make and give a grand percentage of that profit to those who don't deserve or need that extravagant amount.  That is why we are are all suffering  financially, meaning lack thereof,   today.       So wish it weren't that way...........

    in this electronic age yes you wonder how such fees can be justified. ....

    ONE MIGHT THINK switching banks would help but no such luck. so hang in there, be careful and keep paying fees. For something to think about, - howmuch money do have to earn to be able to pay these net fees in after tax money.  

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