I just watched the movie "The Pianist" and it made me realize that that period in the worlds history is one that I am supremely glad I was not a participant in, either as a Jew,...or as a German. Although having some German herdity I cannot understand the horrifics of their thinking and actions. . Question: Is there a period in world history that you are very glad you did not have to actually experience or be a participent in??

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    I sounds petty but I am just glad I live in a time period with running water.


    Absolutely!! Simplicity and the basic of life. Best we can wish for at any time in history. Thank you. I,too, freak about having good water,...I understand. I don't take it for granted.

    I like my running water too. The Romans had running water ,and they had public toilets where everyone sat and chatted while they pooed. There was  no toilet paper, they used a cloth on a stick to wash their behinds. I don't think I'd care to live in that time nor any other time, but the here and now.

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