what do you prefer- rain or snow or extreme heat?

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    I love it when it's hot because I can stay cool by running around NAKED. I'n extreme heat such as this past summers record breaking weather, I enjoy skinny dipping at the infamous Hippie Hollow in Austin, Texas where NUDITY is encouraged and welcomed. It's a NAKED LOVE FEST!


    Can't imagine escaping the heat in that manner but to each his own, I guess. :(

    Perhaps I'll join your nudity!
    country bumpkin

    You'll have a blast, Itsmee.

    Personally i don't care for any of them.But if i was forced to pick i'd choose rain.

    I would take rain any day over heat, I have an umbrella, you can rug up in the snow but its a nuisance, heat however is impossible to escape unless your lucky enough to have a pool or air con. I sleep with the air con on all summer, my bills are horrendous but its worth it .I hate the heat (that is anything over 30c)

    Oh give me the rain any day,as long as it is not hot,Australia is suffering a heat wave at the moment in various states,old people are taking ill because of it.

    You can keep the snow. I'll take in between, about 30 Centigrade.


    but eggy, that's not really hot

    I'm with eggie...sun and 75 deg F

    Un-answerable question!

    Snow it covers up all the filth in the world..

    I cant stand the heat. I rather take the rain and even the snow.

    I would prefer rain in moderation, as it has the potential of giving life. Snow and extreme heat on the other hand, have the potential of causing hardship and destroying life. But, the key here, would be that the rain was in moderation and not causing flooding.

    I like the heat but then like the snow!

    I live in British Columbia............I embrace the rain!!!


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