if your credit card statement comes inwith a bill of 3000 dollars that was used for an abortion and you didnt know about it would you get a divorce

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    There would definitely be some rising trust issues. But also, I would question why I was not informed of the pregnancy, and the choice made for an abortion without your knowledge. I would question whether or not I was being used more as a convenient source of cash and resources, more than a love in her life. But also, I probably would resent a child of mine's life be snuffed out without me being giiven any voice in the matter. That would be a deep hurt! I can only speak for myself, but I don't think I'd want someone like that in my life. Aside from everything else, I would seriously question exactly how she viewed me in regards to her own life. Speaking for myself, I would probably leave her, or ask her to leave, as I couldn't deal with be treated like that in regards to such a serious matter that does directly involve you.

    You can hardly jump from a credit card statement to a divorce, unless you have been waiting and watching for a way out.  Have you asked questions?  Have you gone for counselling together?  There is a lot of ground to cover first, don't you think?

    There is so much to deal with here,I'd know that the trust would be gone for a start,then i would be wondering why i was not informed of her decission (does she not respect you as her husband)I think what she has done is very decietful in a marriage.I would get some professional intervention with some counselling,otherwise i really don't know how you are going to get past this.Are you sure the abortion cost $3,000 ? That is a lot of money to pay for a termination.

    I don't get why she wouldn't tell you about the abortion knowing it would appear on the bill. Are you sure that's what happened? It does seem costly!

    Her a** would be out the door. Not just because of the abortion, but also because of the lack of concern for my feeling on the matter.

    Id sure as heck want some questions answering!!!!

    There are always two sides to a story. You need to ask your wife why she had an abortion.

    Based on that alone, NO

    Perhaps you were not the father of the aborted child.

    I don't think an opinion or decision can be made here, there was obviously a lot more going on, otherwise who wouldn't celebrate the future birth of a child created between the two of you.

    An abortion does NOT cost $3,000. There is something else going on here.  Perhaps divorce is a bit premature, but there are some major problems with this marriage.  It may be hard for the two of you to discuss all this civilly; perhaps a therapist can help you see the whole picture and make the best decision.  Hope the Mrs. will go, too.

    Depends upon who got the abortion. It could be a computer error; maybe someone with the same name as your wife. A guy should confront his wife before jumping to a conclusion.

    Make sure it wasn't a wrong charge to your account first then decide.

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