how do log on to the missus facebook without her password

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    Trying to pry are you?

    It's her facebook. Leave it alone.

    tsk tsk

    Don't you think that if she wanted you to be on her facebook she would have given you her password? That's not right for you to want to get on her facebook page. Do you have control issues? Have you ever considered the possibility that you have control issues? It's not showing trust, and it's very disrespectful of a spouse to do that. I'd never do that to my wife!

    The thing of it is, if she is doing's pretty much outside your realm of control. We don't own other people...and we have no right to try and excert that kind of control over someone else! Get past it, and get over it...your relationship will be much healthier and happier!

    Get a hobby and mind your own business, nosey!

    thats real naughty get yourselve a hobby then you might leave her a lone

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