Is it usual for there to be competition between grandparents for the affection of their grandchildren?

    I have three grand daughters under the age of 7. Sometimes I feel like I need to keep up with the toys & trips the other set of grandparents offer to the kids. They offer A LOT. When the three go to the other grandparents house to play, the aunt always comes in to do the cooking, etc. It makes it easier to give quality time. Unfortunately, I’m jealous.


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    I always prefered one grand mother,more than the other when i was growing up.Looking back i think it was because my favourite nanna spent quality time with me, eg we played board games,card games,she would let me bake cakes,just little things like that means a lot to a kid.Just keep doing what you do itsmee,it is the "quality time"that you spend with kids that they love.


    Yes, I agree with you pythonlover.

    pl & ep: I do appreciate your answers. I give them time. They’re good and funny. I tore the house apart because I couldn’t find ONE dice for the Yatzee game.(I only had 4, the game takes 5) The seven year old loves it. We do lots of stuff. I agree with you. I need to get over myself.

    You have different things to offer them, don't be jealous. Just keep doing what you are doing.

    I know what you mean Itsmee. We don't have that problem tho. Our Grankids ask to come to our place.It's kinda their second home.They have their own bedrooms here. I guess at times the other set of grandparents must feel it. But don't worry about it.The kids will sort it out I'm sure.They can feel loved & I'm sure you're putting it out there for them. PS. Happy New Year Itsmee.Tommy


    The kids ask to come here ALL the time. I can’t manage all three because I have a back problem. At least they ask. Actually beg. Anyway, your answer helped a bit. I’m feeling it right now because of all the Christmas stuff. Boo Hoo.
    My daughter chooses to send them to the other Grandparents because they can manage all three. And she can escape to the mall or the movies. It’s team work over there: Grandpa, Auntie, and Grandma.
    You are lucky, Tommy. P.S. Happy New Ear ... Uh, Happy You Near ... Make that HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    Put the cap on the bottle Itsmee.You're starting to slur your sleech (Hic) a bit.LMAO.

    Well, that does happen to one degree or another. But, a lot of that depends on the people as individuals. When I was a kid, I remember playing board games and cards with my grandmother...those were some really special times. No one lavishes the kids with gifts and attention like grandparents. I guess, it's what makes the kids the happiest that is probably the most important. I have to say, in looking back, I learned a lot from that old lady.


    Shootah ~ I am not an old lady. It’s true that I’m a grandmother but ...
    tsk. tsk. It’s true many people get a lot of lavishing from grandparents. My grandparents were the best part of growing up.

    No competition here. No jealousy either. They do spend more time with me because I live closer than the other grandparents. (California).


    I’m in Fresno, CA. Do you say where you are? Maybe you already have but I’ve forgotten. Grandmothers do that! Whoops.
    ed shank

    I live in NE Pennsylvania. Most of the family is about three hours driving time.

    I think so, I spend more than I care to admit on my grandchildren, but only because I almost never see them, my daughter in law prefers to spend holidays with her own parents and I live 8 hours away, so unless I take time off and am prepared to do a 16 hour round trip I don't see them, I would love to spend time rather than money with them, I think that is far more valuable, they will remember that far longer than they will remember anything else, so itsmee, don't be jealous, just be there when you can and enjoy them. Im annoyed that my daughter in law won,t make the effort to bring them here, Ive even offered to take time off and pay their air fares, but she thinks she would be bored in the country, I think the kids would love it.


    I'm sorry. Daughter's-in-law often don't like their mother's- in-law. All the time that happens. I haven't seen my DIL in ten years. She lives on the opposite side of the US. I'm in California and she's in Florida. The break between us was dramatic.
    Your grandchildren will enjoy their gifts and will see you when they can make the trip on their own.
    My son and grand daughter come once a year.
    You sound a little like me! We should do lunch. : )

    Well, Tommy ~ It’s  3 AM and I’m still wide awake. Can you thay that ? (hic)


    you sound a little like me!

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