what are the discard cards used for in the Sorry Spin board game?

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    Each player chooses four pawns of one color and one player is selected to play first.
    Each player in turn draws one card from the stack and follows its instructions. To begin the game, all of a player's four pawns are restricted to Start; only a 1 or 2 card can release them to the rest of the board. Playing a 1 or a 2 places a pawn on the space directly outside of start; playing a 2 does not entitle the pawn to a second space.
    A player can jump over any other pawn, landing on the square indicated by the card. However, two pawns cannot occupy the same square. A pawn that lands on a square occupied by another "bumps" that pawn back to its own Start. Players can not bump their own pawns back to Start. If the only way to complete a move would result in a player bumping himself, the pawns remain in place and the player loses his or her turn.
    If a pawn lands at the start of a slide (except those of its own color) by direct movement or as the result of a switch with the 11 card, it immediately moves to the last square of the slide. All pawns anywhere on the slide are sent back to their respective Starts.[4]
    The last five squares before home are the "safety zone." Access is limited to those pawns of the same color. Pawns inside the zone are immune to being replaced by an opponent's pawn with an 11 or a Sorry! card. However, a pawn is vulnerable to being forcibly moved backward out of the safety zone. Forced backward moves can cause a pawn to exit the zone, and a pawn can enter home only upon exact count. For example, an 8 is unplayable when there are only 3 spaces remaining. 

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