What would you do if you overheard two Americans in your plane talking about blowing up a plane? Would you feel nervous or more than nervous?

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    I' be as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs..



    I was. I was very happy when the plane landed and I vowed that if they were on the plane leaving Tasmania, I would refuse to board it.

    I don't blame you one bit.

    Tell flight crew  and fellow passengers and help with their response.  if possible throw the  Bast***s out of the plane. save the country cost of a trial.


    It was in Australia.

    still throw out the plane save Austrialia the cost of a trial

    I would notify a flight attendant at once a pry that there was a US Marshal aboard, why do you ask?



    Because last Thursday on my flight to Tasmania, Australia, they sat behind me discussing it. I don't think we have flight marshals on our domestic flights. Until the plane began it's descent towards Tasmania, they were having discussions about Australia and what an amazing place it was. Then the talk became ominous.
    Jack Large

    If I were on a flight coming into Tasmania, Australia I would be more concerned about the realization of the fact that my plane was flying UPSIDE DOWN ;)

    I would have reported it immediately.  You cannot talk about such things, even jokingly nowadays, and I would not find any humor in their comments anyway.  I think that you should still report it to the airline with as much information as you have.  They will most certainly be interested in this type of information and I would imagine that those two would be investigated, as they should be.  This is serious business!

    Oh, Eggie Please tell me you didn't have to deal with this?


    I did, and it was frightening.

    I often think of such things but would never consider carrying them out, it's just a thought and that's what I would think of them. Just trying to beat a system.........


    They may have been full of mischief and did not intend to do anything. One of them was in his early 20s the other one was in his 40s I would say.

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