ie9 where is bookmark or favorites

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    The first step to gain access and display the bookmark tool is to let the browser show it. In fact, all toolbars are hidden by default.

    1. Open Internet Explorer 9 (ie9).
    2. Right click the tabbed area. At this point a small menu will appear. Such a menu is quite important (and well hidden,too!) because it will shows you how to display the bookmark toolbar and other options.
    3. Untick the Lock Toolbars option.
    4. Click the Favorites Bar.

    At this point, once you have “unleashed” all the bookmarks, lets try to add a bookmark to your Internet Explorer 9.

    1. Go to your favorite website.
    2. Click the Favorite star (located at the right side of the upper browser toolbar) or drag the website favicon to the bookmarks bar.
    3. If you wish, you can also drag the favicon to the Windows taskbar located at the bottom of the screen. This will let you pin the website to the browser.
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