i have two cats. ones about a year old my other one is about four five months. both cats get along. the oldest one would act like "mamma" to the baby cat. recent;ly the oldest one has been snarling and hissing at the baby cat. i wanna know why

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    If both cats are female,the youngest is probably in or getting ready to go into heat. My oldest fixed female did the same thing when the kitten went into her first   heat and stopped when the heat period stopped..


    That's a good thing to know LadyFang! It makes sense when you think about it.

    Anytime you bring a new cat into your household there is going to be an adjustment period sometimes as long as 3-5 mo. sometimes just a week or two.  It is natural because the cats already there are jealous and protecting what they think is their territory.  I have several and have had cats most all my life so it is just something you have to go through.


    the older cat already knmows the little one. she would "be the mamma" and do cat mamma things. but lately the oldest one has been spending alot of time outside and thats when her attitudes changed for the little one

    I guess I really do not know how to answer that one then as all mine are indoors only so have only dealt with them in indoor only situations.

    So right Darci13 - they will settle when they are gadding about outside together - they will be more protective of each other.

    No I never condone having outside kitties not for myself. I am just saying it takes a lot of patience and trying but they do get used to each other mine are all like a family though only 2 sets of them are actual liter mates.

    You need Darci 13.

    If the younger cat has been trying to nurse,the younger cats teeth are too sharp and the older cat says "enough is enough"

    Because your oldest one is Mom she will need time away from the extremely energetic and needy kitten.  Give it time and make sure Mom gets lots of love and human attention.

    The oldest is female, right? Enough said.

    they r probably getting annoyed of each other


    All kids need a little disipline now & then.

    Baby cat is quickly outgrowing her diapers and mamma cat knows this, and doesn't feel like Mama anymore.  The younger cat is becoming like another adult cat to Mama, and one she doesn't have to like anymore!  They'll probably get along fine down the road, but there is an adjust period going on here right now.  They'll have to work it out, with your help.

    well it might be that ur oldest cat is needy too and thikns about alone toime with u the owner..

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