How the heck can we get rid of the mouse in the house?

    the weather is full on hot, and all of a sudden we have a effin mouse in the house, no one can catch it not even the dog.

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     Cat Vs Mouse get a cat !


    Buy a shotgun?


    Who shoots mice? lol

    King of the Fleas shoots mice.

    My son (yes the one with the kids) lived in a house infested with mice from the fields. He had a BB gun. I remember moving the couch one day to get to a mouse hiding in the corner behind it. The traps worked, too, but the frustration of never being able to keep them was NOT a very nice house.

    Get a good mousing cat as long as your dog gets along with cats that is. 

    why not a mousetrap.


    oh gosh.

    well small wonders never cease ,, you asked the question..

    daren 1 too cruel

    get a live trap. Then, let him go.

    what's the difference betwenn a cat and mouse trap , they would both kill him..

    if you buy a mouse trap get one that doesn't kill the a friend and re-locate the mouse after it has been caught


    doolittle,they work, I have used them

    even the racoon ones work!!!

    don't you think that is cruel?

    No, tis type of mouse trap simply keeps the mouse inside a small can then re-locate the mouse. It is cruel if the weather is very cold! In that case, I will take the mouse...they make great friends!

    Get a cat yeah right only if it has been an outside cat Oliver saw a dead mouse in a trap once I showed it to him told him he was a cat he should have caught this he looked at the mouse and took off at a dead run to the other end of the house ......

    Some mice are only little field mice, get a humane trap as doolittle said and release them, but further away from your house.

    D-CON will do

    get a cat or a mousetrap, or Decon.  Decon really works. I prefer a live mousetrap. Then take the little critter out to a wooded area a few miles from your house and let him go.

    That's what happens when you give a mouse a just never leaves!
    Here are your answers,simplified:
    1.  Cat or Dog
    2.  Mouse trap: kill or humane
    3.  Poison
    4.  Shoot the bastard
    My vote goes with the poison, provided you have no pets or people who might be harmed by inadvertently ingesting it.

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